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Welcome to Sitva

SITVA was established in 2017 under GreenFeedTech Hydroponics based in Mumbai and founded by the Dedhia family with a vision of using Commercial Hydroponic Technique and precision-controlled contract organic farming to Grow, Process, Supply and Export Spices & Natural Health Products Worldwide. Our focus is to provide world class superior quality sustainable products on an online-platform to make life healthier.


India is a treasure land of spices, we harness this for you by procuring the seeds from their place of origin and cultivate the best species which is then rightly processed and hygienically packed by us, the way spices were meant to be consumed with an unparalleled flavour and high nutrient content.


Lakadong Turmeric, & Hydroponically Grown Turmeric

With a commitment to food safety, we use a precision-controlled growing system that uses less water, which is one of the cleanest and hygienic production methods available. Our crops never touch a chlorine bath or a pesticide spray, so they have a delicious flavor that’s delicate, tender and tasty.

Direct From Farm

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Direct relationships with farmers not only open the market, but extend to hard-working farmers. At Sitva, we believe in the big goal of building strong relationships with farmers who want to become independent entrepreneurs. When you buy a Sitva product, you are part of a larger purpose.

In-house Processing

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No matter how small the ingredients, they are processed in-house with the utmost care and efficiency. In addition to testing the purity of each ingredient in the laboratory, the team ensures that they provide high quality products according to the correct FSSAI guidelines.

Why we grow Hydroponically

  • The Hydroponic System provides higher yield, higher medical properties and high economic value.
  • Hydroponically grown turmeric has a high curcumin level and is known as a superfood. It works much better with Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical companies who produce medicines on a large scale especially for diseases like cancer, alzheimer’s, and heart diseases. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and helps improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.
  • Hydroponically grown turmeric is fresh and reliable as we grow free of pesticides and harmful chemicals.
  • Makes any land with good water source useful for production and can be set up in urban areas without disturbing the ecology.
  • As hydroponic growers increase, dedicated and planned supply chains will be established.

Meaning of Sitva:

Sitva meant winter in the ancient language of Aramaic which was the language of the Arameans in the 10 century B.C

Today the word is associated with Goddess Sita in Peru where Rama’s Festival is Celebrated as Ram-Sitva festival during the winter solstice.

Sita is a personification of Purity, Love, Abundance, Fertility and well-being of the mother earth with which we closely connect and identify our brand.